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Booking Conditions and General Rental Conditions

1. Specifics dispositions for lodges and chalets renting

1.1. Booking

Booking shall be valid upon approval by us and after receipt of the agreement and receipt in our account of the down payment (30 % of the due accommodation amount and the administration fees shown in the contract).
The renting includes furniture, dishes, bedding. Sheets and linen are not provided. Additional tents are not authorized. Smoking in the rentals is not allowed. All bookings are valid for the named person(s) only and may not be transferred or sublet under any circumstances. Additional tents are not authorized on the lodges and chalets sites. The request for reservation can be done by mail, phone or Internet.
Stays will be set at least 30 days before arrival. We do not send a recall. For reservations made less than 30 days before arrival date, full payment must be made at the time of booking. Without settlement of the balance within the time specified, BelleRive reserves the right to cancel your reservation and to keep the account previously paid. If the number of tenants exceeds the capacity indicated in the contract (including the children of any age) and without prior approval, the owner reserves the right to break the contract or to receive an increase.

1.2. Stay

It is stated that the rental is insured for theft and for furniture and equipment belonging to BelleRive. The tenant must insure against damages of any kind to incur liability. The department also declines any liability for theft, damage of goods belonging to the tenant.
Accommodation is available from Saturday 2 p.m. to the next Saturday 10 a.m. The tenant will be responsible for any breakage or damage to equipment or objects that will report during his stay.

1.3. Departure

Accommodation must be released before 10 a.m. For delayed departure, an additional day may be charged. A checking will take place before leaving. If it is released in clean condition, nothing is missing or damaged, the deposit will be refunded. Additional compensation to the deposit may be required if the costs exceed the deposit amount. In case that the rental has not been cleaned before departure, a cleaning fee will be charged.

2. Specifics dispositions for campsite renting

2.1. Booking

Booking becomes effective as soon as the tenant has sent a deposit of 110 euros (100 euros deposit and 10 euros booking fees), and accepted the general rental conditions.
The remaining balance must be paid at the day of arrival for the number of days reserved.

2.2. Stay

The campsite is available to the tenant at 2 p.m. at the day of the reservation. Neither trench, nor flow of water will be tolerated on the site. It is strictly forbidden to wash the vehicle on the campsite. The sites can accommodate up to 6 people independently of the age.

2.3. Departure

• The campsite must be released before 12 a.m.
• For any delayed departure, an additional day will be charged.

3. Common practices

Only one vehicle is allowed per site.

A late arrival, an early departure, a voluntary or not voluntary termination of the stay will not involve any refunding after the start of the stay; the site can be rented immediately.
If the accommodation/campsite is not occupied 24 hours after the fixed arrival date and no post or e-mail has been sent, the owner may freely rent the accommodation/campsite again.
In the event of misrepresentation of the policyholder this contract will be immediately terminated and the management shall retain the amounts paid.
BelleRive reserves the right to change the assigned number. Preferences are not guaranteed unless written confirmation of BelleRive. Interruptions of operation of the general services as of the public services will not cause any reduction of rent nor to any refunding since they dot not depend on the will of the owner.
When renting accommodations or campsites ends, customers cannot longer access the BelleRive facilities.
All customers must observe the camping rules. Management reserves the right to expulse any group or individual who fail to respect the camping rules or to provide false information about the occupants of the accommodations/campsite without prior warning or refund.

3.1. Minors

Minors must be accompanied by an adult. If the planed stay envisaged without the parents, parental consent must be provided with a copy of the family registered and identification of the responsible parent. In any event the management must have been informed beforehand and the minor will be accepted only after written agreement of the management.

3.2. Animals

Pets are prohibited in the bathroom. They must be leashed at all times. Only pets are accepted provided they are vaccinated against rabies (vaccination book up dated) and walked off the campground for their natural needs.

3.3. Visitors

Any visitors must announce himself at the reception on arrival.

3.4. Modification or cancellation

Booking, changes can only be done in case of availability at the time of the modification. The guest can cancel free of charge until 7 days before arrival. The guest will be charged the total price if they cancel in the days before arrival. If the guest doesn’t show up they will be charged the total price.
We advise you to subscribe cancellation insurance. Contact your insurer.
Any dispute relating to the execution hereof will fall within the competence of the Courts of Nîmes.
BelleRive includes the Camping and rentals operated by the


La SARL CTC Camping

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